Scenic Species Form

Hello! If you’ve been following me for a little bit, you’ve seen the way I like to wind stories into my artwork of North American wildlife. Some of my favorite memories are tied to experiences I’ve had in nature, often while spotting wild animals. Last year, I made a series of hats based off of some of my favorite memories, and this year, I’d like to turn yours into a series of hats! This is substituting as a unique way for me to make custom work.

How this all works: 

I am collecting as many stories as I can, and will select 8 to turn into scenic species hats. Unlike the way I made custom hats before, you will not receive a mock up pattern before I start stitching, once I read your story the creative process will be kept to myself. 

If your story is selected, you will have the option to purchase the created hat before anyone else, and at a discount. You’ll get an email once it is completed, and before it is posted on social media, and you will get a few days to decide if you’d like to purchase it before it is for sale to the public. The hats are a variety of earthy colors, they are 5 panels and washed cotton. (Photo provided). The hats will be between $95-$125, without shipping. 

If your story is selected, snippets of it may be shared on my social media to accompany photos of the hat. They will be shared anonymously and really just to give some context to the design. I will not be sharing any of your personal details. 

Information I need from you:

Your Name

Your Email Address (double check that this is correct before submitting!)

If you’d be interested in purchasing your hat when it’s completed (yes/no) This will not affect if your story is selected or not, but if you for sure won’t be interested in purchasing, I won’t bother you with an email!

Your story! Provide me with as much detail as you’d like. I’d love to know why this story is important to you, where you were, what you were going through in your life, how the wildlife sighting affected you, and the shape and color of your surroundings. 

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