Field Guide Embroidery kicked off embroidering North American wildlife to bring awareness to declining wildlife populations, habitat loss, and the effects of climate change. I enjoy embroidering animals in detail to relive exerpiences of seeing them in the wild or bringing awareness to unique attributes. I focus on stitching second hand materials like old canvas, thrifted flannels, sustainably made hats, or provided goods for custom work. I donate a percentage of every sale to a locally based non-profit focused on providing research, engagement opportunities for community scientists, and education to help many of the species I embroider and their habitats. In 2023, I am donated 10% of all my sales to Sageland Collaborative. Learn more about their important work here: https://sagelandcollaborative.org/


I love to spend time outdoors whether that’s a long hike up a mountain or a walk around my neighborhood with my sweet pups, Pickle June and Phoebe. I find that some of my fondest memories are tied to outdoor adventures and wildlife viewing and I love to share that joy with others. One of my favorite outcomes of this project is hearing why someone connects with a piece I have embroidered and the story behind it. I feel so much joy knowing that my artwork holds meaning for others. 


Upcoming Markets

Coming soon!

Art Shows and Public Viewing

“The Big Nothing” - World of the Wild Art Show January-March 2022

“Horned Bee” - Save our Bees Art Show at Cache Valley Center April- August 2022

“Milky Way Mammals: A spotlight Into the Dark Desert Night” - City of Moab Dark Skies Show April - June 2022

“The Big Nothing” - Moab Arts Canyonlands Field Airport Exhibition March-December 2023


Collections of 2023

Scenic Species- This collection of 12 hats stemmed from personal experiences viewing wildlife. These experiences helped shape me as a person and are very vivid in my mind. 

 Brine Shrimp for the Great Salt Lake- This collection was a pre-order of hats with a brine shrimp design on the front. Each hat was purchased at cost of materials + a 20% donation to the Great Salt Lake to purchase water rights. 

Carnivores as Seed Dispersers- Inspired by a scientific journal, these 5 designs featured carnivores that occasionally act as seed dispersers when they consume fruit. They featured a black bear and barberry, possum and paw paw, coyote and prickly pear, grey fox and juniper berries, and a raccoon with American persimmon.